Bandhooa Omeeth

Bandhooa Omeeth

Hi, my name is Omeeth Bandhooa, and I am a young entrepreneur proud to be part of SHAPE- Shifting Hope, Activating Potential Entrepreneurship. Getting into SHAPE was a bit nerve-wrecking at first, as I was a bit doubtful about my application. I felt that I did not qualify or have the qualities necessary for SHAPE.

I was first shortlisted for the SHAPE programme, and was very nervous about this. I later received news of the final students for SHAPE; I was shocked to see my name on the list. This was the first time I ever won or achieved something really valuable. I felt both excited and nervous at this point in time, as I have to work with new people, and be part of something brand new.

This is a very unique opportunity, as it is a chance to raise our levels of self-confidence, and for me to be able to market myself as a professional. Getting into SHAPE was a bit crazy because, I had no idea what to expect once the programme has commenced. Being in SHAPE now is an exciting and new adventure; I am very pleased and thankful for this opportunity.

As a young entrepreneur, I hope to make a valuable contribution or change to South Africa and the world. This is important to me as I see my ideas as a shift towards transformation, and making people a whole lot happier.

A “young entrepreneur”, I hope to live up to this title, and go beyond this. From a business point of view, I feel that just being an entrepreneur is positive thing in South Africa, as we need more entrepreneurs- people putting their shoulders against the wheel, and making things happen. This is exactly what I aim to do, and with the help of SHAPE I know that it is possible and not just an idea. My hopes and dreams with SHAPE are basically a reflection of my own personal hopes and dreams. I just want to make people smile and be happy or content; I want to make South Africa a better place to live in. With SHAPE inspiring me, and motivating me to grow and achieve more, I feel that these hopes and dreams can be a reality.