Action Research

Systemic Action Learning and Action Research (SALAR) can be seen as interactive processes between executives/ leaders or entrepreneurs, their intermediaries and the practitioner-researcher in a process to investigate and find possible solutions to challenges they face within the business environment. RESEARCH AIMDeveloping a program and interventions to enhance entrepreneurship. The primary focus is Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy. […]

Zungu Zama

1. GETTING INTO SHAPEI see SHAPE as a great opportunity that will enhance my business skills and train my mind to be more business orientated. Without SHAPE I could easily read up on current affairs, business trends and be informed but at the end of the day I would still lack the business skills that […]

Xaba Andile

1. GETTING INTO SHAPEWell SHAPE, when i first heard about it around campus i was intrigued so to say. The posters were everywhere and i attended the first meeting. Thea sold herself well i was convinced. Funny enough the online application was setup with wordpress and i just so happen to have a blog with […]