Cossa Simle

1.GETTING INTO SHAPEI first heard about SHAPE when I was in a lecture and Ms. Westhuizen came in and presented the opportunity to get into the programme, I was intrigued when she asked “when you graduate, what are you going to do with you degree?” that question made me think of what my future plans […]

Bhali Mzianupheli

1. GETTING INTO SHAPE I was so excited that SHAPE introduces this program which enhances young entrepreneurs who have great ideas in developing themselves and the country as well. When I heard about the program, I was really excited and interested, I applied online then I got an email as a feedback that I was […]

Bandhooa Omeeth

1. GETTING INTO SHAPE Hi, my name is Omeeth Bandhooa, and I am a young entrepreneur proud to be part of SHAPE- Shifting Hope, Activating Potential Entrepreneurship. Getting into SHAPE was a bit nerve-wrecking at first, as I was a bit doubtful about my application. I felt that I did not qualify or have the […]