Zungu Zama

1. GETTING INTO SHAPEI see SHAPE as a great opportunity that will enhance my business skills and train my mind to be more business orientated. Without SHAPE I could easily read up on current affairs, business trends and be informed but at the end of the day I would still lack the business skills that […]

Xaba Andile

1. GETTING INTO SHAPEWell SHAPE, when i first heard about it around campus i was intrigued so to say. The posters were everywhere and i attended the first meeting. Thea sold herself well i was convinced. Funny enough the online application was setup with wordpress and i just so happen to have a blog with […]

Vilakazi Lethokhule

1.GETTING INTO SHAPEIt was an overwhelming feeling, it actually started when I first saw the shortlisted individuals with my name in the list then a week later when the successful applicants were posted up I could not believe it. The joy and excitement that I felt was beyond words, with these ecstatic news the first […]

Thayi Saneliswe Fatima

1) GETTING INTO SHAPEFrom the first presentation that THEA VAN WESTHUIZEN introduced SHAPE, I knew I had interest in the programme I was quite reluctant to find out or even apply, as I thought I will not stand a chance of being SHAPE’s young entrepreneur. Nevertheless I was determined to give it a try; the […]

Sibisi Sanele

1.GETTING INTO SHAPEI am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to receive the scholarship. The program has not only boasted my confidence, but also given me a chance for my business idea to be put into action and also take away that sense of worry and concern away about marketing my idea. Without […]