Nyakana Sinazo

Nyakana Sinazo

”I’M IN!” I was filled with great pride when I announced to my family and friends that I had been accepted into the SHAPE program. In all honesty, at the time of acceptance, I did not really know what my acceptance entailed. A few weeks later into the program, I now have a concrete idea of what getting into SHAPE means. Acceptance into the program will basically allow me to develop valuable skills which I can apply when I enter the business sector once I graduate.

Getting into SHAPE serves motivation as I continue with my stride towards securing a better future for myself. Having already attended a few sessions has already made a huge impact on my way of thinking. The shape program has already increased my awareness about various issues affecting individuals, society and the environment. Society needs thinkers and dreamers, qualities which I hope to nurture during the program.

Getting into SHAPE will allow me to increase my interpersonal skills, making me a valuable asset to society. It has been such an eye-opening experience when I got the chance to interact with peers who also share the same thoughts about what society needs and what we as individuals need.

I love life and I am a big dreamer. I am on a journey of self-discovery that will see me into the type of individual that my country needs. Being a young entrepreneur means I must mould my ideas, dreams and ambitions into a course of action that will benefit not only me, but society as a whole. I hope develop my ideas in such a way that will secure my future and make my dreams come true. My ultimate goal as an entrepreneur is to do achieve independence. Such a fierce goal may only be achieved through hard work, dedication and staying true to myself.

I have personal needs such a care, love and happiness. Guess what? Society also has such needs. What society need is someone with enough courage to step up to the challenge and cater for those needs. As a young entrepreneur my plan is to delve those specific needs and focus on those that are attainable. It is my duty to align my needs with those of society.
As a young entrepreneur, I will never forget where I am coming from, where I am at the moment and most importantly, where I want to be.